25 Ways to Save Money After Buying a New Home

Buying a new home requires one to carefully manage their money before, during, and after the purchase. But, with a new mortgage, saving money might not be as easy as it once was. In some cases, a homeowner has to get a little creative in their saving.

Trusst builders in Leland NC specialize in building affordable, eco-friendly homes that are designed to help homeowners get the most for their money. But, even our homeowners can use some help saving every once in a while. Here are 25 ways you can start saving money after buying a new home.

  1. Be smarter about your energy consumption (i.e., turn off lights in unoccupied rooms, leave the AC off while you're at work, etc.)
  2. Shop smarter (i.e., make a weekly menu and an accompanying shopping list according to what's on sale and use as many coupons as you can.)
  3. Consider your travel options (i.e., take public transportation when possible, ride a bike to work, walk where you can, trade your car in for a more affordable model, etc.)
  4. Buy what your family needs before you buy what it wants
  5. Learn how to do minor home repairs yourself instead of hiring an expensive contractor
  6. Wash your clothes in cold water
  7. Hang your clothes out to dry on nice days
  8. Start your own vegetable garden
  9. Plant one or more fruit trees in your backyard
  10. Freeze, can, or dry leftover fruits and vegetables
  11. Save eating out at restaurants for special occasions only
  12. Rent a movie instead of going to the theater
  13. Go to a local minor-league sporting event instead of an expensive professional event
  14. Make your own laundry detergent from safe, eco-friendly household ingredients
  15. Make your own cleaning supplies using simple vinegar and baking soda
  16. Claim the rewards points on your credit cards to help save on vacations, hotel rooms, and more
  17. Save your leftovers and make a meal from them once a week
  18. Wash and comb your pet yourself instead of taking him or her to the groomer
  19. Work out at home instead of paying for an expensive gym membership
  20. Stock up on freezable foods when they are on sale
  21. Buy your favorite spices in bulk, you'll save up to 80%
  22. Use Sunday to make casseroles or soups that you can then have ready for lunch throughout the week
  23. Host your parties at your home instead of renting out a venue
  24. Wash your vehicle at home during the spring, summer, and fall instead of paying a carwash
  25. Instead of going on an expensive vacation, put up a tent in your backyard and spend the weekend "camping" or visit the beautiful beaches around us!

Find Your Dream Home with Trusst Builders in Leland NC

When you are living in your dream home, you'll find making small sacrifices like those listed above to be easy. The reason is because you know you're saving for a good cause. Visit Trusst Builder Group today or schedule a consultation with one of our builders and let us find you a home to fit your family's needs, wants, and budget. Just give us a call today at 910-371-0304 to see what our builders in Leland NC have to offer.