Ten Signs of a Good Builder

Ask ten people to share their home building stories and you'll probably find that some enjoyed the experience while others will equate their experience to a literal nightmare. The thing is, the difference between these two groups can be easily identified – the happy customers simply used better builders.

If you're planning on having a home custom built in the near future, the importance of finding a quality builder cannot be stressed enough. It will literally make the difference between a positive experience and a negative one.

But, how can you tell if a builder is good? Here are the ten signs you should be looking for when comparing builders in Wilmington NC.

#1: Experience

One of the first signs that you're going to look for is arguably the most important – you want a builder with experience. But, there are other things to look for other than just years in the field. You want a builder who has a history of building homes in the area where yours is going to be built. This is important because the builder will be familiar with local building codes, zoning laws, and landscape peculiarities. You also want to make sure the builder's business name hasn't changed in recent years. This is important because even though a builder might have 25 years' of experience, frequent changes to the business name is an indicator that the builder might be on the run from past clients.

#2: Warranty

You want a builder that stands behind their work and who uses quality materials from companies that do the same. This is important because despite having a brand new home, you're not completely devoid of risk. Just because your home is new doesn't mean that something might not break before its time, and having a good home warranty is your best protection against such unfortunate events.

#3: Flexibility

If you're having a custom home built, the key word there is “custom.” This means you'll want to be using a builder that is more flexible when it comes to delivering your specific wants and needs. Not all builders allow for customer input on certain things or permit “change orders,” so if you really want to have a home that's built specifically for you, flexibility is a key trait to look for in a builder.

#4: Transparency

The only way you can be sure you get the home you want is to partner with a builder who is clear and transparent throughout the entire process. Everything should be clearly defined and explained, from the building plans to the materials specification sheet.

#5: Good Communication

When you're having a home built, you want to be able to communicate with your builder when you need to. After all, this is a major project with a lot of moving parts. So, the builder should provide you with a point-of-contact who you can call when necessary. A detailed time line of communication should also be provided. This will outline what the builder will need from you and by when, such as the cut-off date for change orders.

#6: Timeliness

A good builder is able to timeline their projects accurately. This ensures that your build remains on schedule and you're able to move in by the expected date. Keeping everything moving on time is also crucial for keeping your home building project on budget.

#7: Quality

Your new home is the largest investment you're ever going to make, so you want to ensure it is built right. But, when it comes to having your home built, quality needs to extend far beyond the builder you choose. The builder also needs to be aligned with quality subcontractors and vendors.

#8: Credible Associations

One of the signs that a builder is reputable and legitimate is if the builder belongs to a credible builder's association. By being a member, this shows that the builder undergoes regular continuing education so they can be up to date on the latest technological advances in their field.

#9: Good Lender Partnerships

If there's one thing that can ruin a home building experience it's financing issues. And, nothing causes financing problems more than a poor quality lender. Therefore, check to see if the builder has established relationships with preferred lenders who can provide you with the quality, priority service you need to ensure your project is financed properly.

#10: Good Value

In home building, there's the common belief that you get what you pay for. But, you shouldn't have to pay extra to have something done right and a more expensive home doesn't always mean you're getting the best possible quality. When it comes to choosing a good builder, you want one that has a reputation for delivering high quality at a fair price.

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