7 Ways to Sell Your "Ugly" Home

Let's face it, not all houses are lookers. Some homes can even be considered "ugly." When you have an ugly house, it can be really hard to sell it, especially in today's market with so many more homes for sale than there are buyers.

But, there are some things you can do to help improve your chances of selling your house. Here are seven simple tips from Trusst's home builders in Wilmington NC.

#1 - Declutter the Home

Potential buyers don't want to walk into any home, let alone an unattractive one, and see a bunch of clutter. Taking the time to eliminate the clutter and give your home a thorough cleaning will improve its appearance and make the rooms appear larger than they really are.

#2 - Spruce Up the Home's Exterior

People shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but in the case of real estate, that is exactly what most people do. The home's exterior will give potential buyers a first impression that will stick with them as they walk through the interior. If the exterior is neat and well-kept, then they will go into the home with a positive feeling.

#3 - Repair What You Can

The less a new homeowner is going to have to deal with upon buying a home, the more attractive that home becomes. Therefore, repair or replace everything you can that could pose a problem for the next owner. If the roof is in bad shape, have it fixed or replaced. If there are a few cracked windows, get them repaired by a professional. If the walls are dinged up, patch them up and apply a fresh coat of paint.

#4 - Be Honest About What You Can't Fix

If you have people looking at the house, don't try to sugar coat any problems. Tell them the truth. They're going to find out when they have the house inspected so why not get it out of the way and tell them upfront. You'll look more honest and the last thing you want is for your home to go into escrow and then fall out as a result of a problem.

#5 - Offer a Good Deal

If your house is poorly designed or aesthetically "ugly" then you should pretty much know that your odds of selling are slimmer than the norm. As a result, you can balance the playing field by offering a better deal for your home. Sure, you might be taking a little less cash away from the sale, but consider how much you stand to lose if you wind up paying two mortgages for six months to a year or more.

#6 - Sell the House for Cash

Selling the house as-is for cash will attract investors looking to flip the property. This is usually an effective alternative when you simply don't have the extra cash to make necessary repairs and you don't want to wait the time it will take for a buyer to finally choose your house.

#7 - Lower the Price as Needed

If you have your house listed for a while and you're not getting any offers, then talk with your realtor and come up with an appropriate amount that you can reduce your asking price by. Going back to #5, buyers are more willing to look past an ugly house's appearance if the deal is unbeatable. Just be careful you don't drop the price down too low. Your realtor should be able to help you alter the asking price accordingly.

Sell Your House Fast and Move into a Beautiful New Home from Trusst Builder Group

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