How to Select the Right Home Builder in Leland NC

The process of designing and building a brand new home is complex and one that is filled with surprises, both good and bad. As such, choosing the right builder is one of the most important things you can do to help ensure your project goes off with the fewest hitches possible.

The right builder will not only help ease your mind, but they'll make the entire process much more enjoyable. With so much riding on your new home, you need to be comfortable with your builder and you need to be able to trust their advice and workmanship. The problem is, with so many Leland NC builders to choose from, how can you be sure you're picking the right one?

Here are ten tips that will help you pick the right home builder for your project.

#1: Determine Your Needs

In order to make sure you get the home you need, you should have an idea of what those exact needs are. For instance, what size and type of home do you want? How much can you afford?

#2: Verify the Builder's Licensure and Insurance

If a builder isn't licensed and insured, or they refuse to provide proof of them, move on to your next choice.

#3: Builder Experience

A new builder isn't necessarily a bad one, but when it comes to building a new home, experience matters. You should choose a builder that has operated under the same name for several years.

#4: Prior Customer References

Ask the builder for some prior customer references and then check those references. Were the customers satisfied with the builder? What did they like and dislike most about working with the builder? Would they choose the builder again if they had to do it all over again?

#5: Design Fit

Does the builder you're considering have experience building the type or style of home you want? Is the builder a good fit for your design?

#6: Warranty

What type of warranty does the builder provide on their workmanship? What's covered and for how long?

#7: Past Home Resale Values

How well have the builder's past home builds maintained their market value? Have the properties experienced increased values over time or have their values dropped since they were built?

#8: Tour the Builder's Homes

To get a good feel for the builder's workmanship, you should ask for a tour of the builder's model homes or of a prior customer's home. Few actually do this step, but it is invaluable in helping you select the right builder.

#9: Industry Involvement

Is the builder an active member of their industry? Check with your local Home Builder's Association to verify membership.

#10: Professionalism in Every Stage of the Process

An experienced and competent builder should exhibit a high level of professionalism in every stage of the building process, from the initial meeting with the client to the final walkthrough and beyond. If your builder is sloppy, forgetful, or unorganized, odds are those characteristics will impact your home's quality.

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