What are the Benefits of Buying a Home in the Winter?

Most home buyers like to wait until spring or summer to go house hunting because they feel that looking for such an investment so soon after the holidays to be bad practice. But, in most cases, the reverse is actually true. Winter is often one of the best times of year to buy a new home.

Confused? Here, our New Hanover County home builders explain why shopping for a new home in the winter may land you the home of your dreams for less than you thought possible.

Winter is a Buyer's Market

With winter's cold and dreary weather, it's no surprise that so many potential home buyers would rather wait until warmer weather returns before they start looking for a new home. Plus, summer vacation makes moving so much easier for a family with children. As a result, late spring and summer tends to be the busiest time for North Carolina's real estate market.

But, their reluctance to shop means that winter is more or less a buyer's market for savvy home buyers. With fewer buyers competing for homes and more home sellers sitting on properties they can't sell, you will have a better chance of finding the home you want at a price you're comfortable paying.

You Get More Personalized Service from Your Bank

If you apply for a home mortgage during the summer, you can expect the loan approval process to take weeks. In addition, with so many loans to process, don't be surprised if your bank doesn't exactly provide you with personalized attention and service.

However, when you buy a home in winter, the banks are practically begging for your business. As a result, you can expect much more attention and dedication from your lending agent. You will be able to have lengthier conversations with them and this alone may help you maximize your chances of securing the best rate possible. Plus, in the winter you can expect your home loan application to be processed much faster, which will ultimately result in you getting in your new home that much quicker.

You Can Check a Home's Winterization

When you go house shopping in the summer time, you really have no way of telling how well the home is winterized. But, when you shop for homes in the winter, simply walking into a home will tell you several things, such as whether or not the heat works, whether or not the home is well-insulated, and whether or not the windows or doors are drafty.

As an added benefit, if you buy a home that needs some repairs in the winter, contractors will be more available for work and in most cases. You may even be able to negotiate a break on their prices because they're normally less busy in the winter months.

Trusst Builder Group Can Help You Find Your Ideal Winter Home

If you want to take advantage of all the benefits afforded to you by buying a home in the winter, then visit Trusst Builder Group today or schedule a consultation today. Our New Hanover County home builders can help you build the perfect home for your budget. Just give us a call today at 910-371-0304 to see what we have to offer.