Untraditional Fireplace Ideas

A fireplace is the focal point in any room that has one. And, whether your fireplace works or not, it offers the perfect platform for showcasing your unique sense of style. So, you need to incorporate it into your holiday decorating.

If you're unsure what to do with your fireplace or you're bored with the usual decorations, here are some untraditional fireplace ideas from Trusst's Southport NC builders that will revive your interest in making the hearth a holiday statement piece.

Fill the Fireplace with Firewood

If your fireplace is not in use, then take a bundle of firewood and stack it inside the fireplace until it is filled up. Make sure the wood is of equal length for the best result. The wood will lend a warm and rustic look to your room and the light brown color will lighten up the otherwise dark area.

Install a Graphic Screen

The interior of a fireplace is dark and dirty. So, why not brighten it up with a colorful holiday-themed graphic screen? The screen sits right inside the fireplace so you never see the dark, dirty chamber behind it.

Fill the Fireplace with Coral

Have you ever noticed how coral's tines resemble flickers of flame? This makes coral a creative and decorative substitute for a roaring fire. Fill up your fireplace with white coral and you'll give it the impression of fire and light without the heat and messy cleanup.

Fill the Fireplace Up with Books

If you're a book lover with a massive collection and nowhere to put it all, the fireplace offers plenty of storage real estate. Give the fireplace a good cleaning and start stacking your books inside. The colorful spines of your favorite books will bring a nice splash of color to the otherwise dark space.

Install Shelves

Not using your fireplace to heat your home? Then why not put that empty space to good use by installing a few shelves inside? Your fireplace will now provide you the perfect spot for showcasing your favorite photos, collectibles, or nick-nacks.

Paint the Fireplace White

Painting a fireplace white turns it into a brilliant statement piece in any room. The key, of course, it giving it a nice thorough cleaning before you start painting, but once you're done, you'll be amazed at the difference.

Light It Up With Candles

Lighting a fire in your fireplace not only causes a mess, you also have to remember to open the damper, crack a window, and tend the logs. But, by substituting logs with candles you'll still enjoy the warm touch of fire without all the fuss. Plus, the candles will give your fireplace a more elegant and sophisticated look.

Add Color with Flowers

Much like coral, adding a large bouquet of flowers to your fireplace will fill up the dark space with color and give it a sense of life. During the holidays, fill the fireplace up with red and white poinsettias for a traditional and festive finish.

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