Best Devices for Retirees

Technology is constantly changing and it’s not always easy to keep up with the newest ways of doing things. New devices emerge and it’s important for all individuals including kids, teens, middle-aged adults, and retirees to stay on top of what’s new and coming to remain informed and connected. Here are the top tech tools that all retirees should have.



Pew data states that more than 75 percent of retirees have cell phones, but only 30 percent of those are smartphones. Retirees can use basic apps that give information about the weather, news, and entertainment, set alarms or reminders, gaming or to track health conditions.


E-Readers or tablets

Tablets and e-readers are easier for retirees to use because they can do everything from one device without having to sit at a desk all day. Tablets can do everything a traditional computer does and include features that make things more accessible, such as a larger font or a narrator to read text out loud.



A Global Positioning System is essential to get around. The days of maps and printing directions off of websites have past and it’s much easier to navigate with an updated electronic system. These offer detours, allow individuals to avoid things such as tolls and can help get you to your destination even if you made a wrong turn along the way.



Fitness trackers quickly evolved for some into smart watches capable of doing many tasks typically done on a smartphone. Retirees can set reminders to make a sound or vibrate to take medications or have a button to press if an unfortunate fall occurs. Some are even equipped with technology to detect if a fall occurs to automatically send for help, making it possible for more retirees to be independent and continue to live on their own in the home design they want from Wilmington NC custom builders.

Technology impacts individuals of all ages. It’s best to acclimate and embrace the new technology and learn how it can improve your life and make everyday tasks simpler. It also enables retirees to keep in contact easily with friends and loved ones near and far. Contact Trusst Builder Group Wilmington NC custom builders to see how they can help with your needs for living the life you want after retirement.