Avoid These Mistakes When Refinishing Furniture

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March 15, 2021 / By Trusst Builder Group

Purchasing new furniture can be an expensive process. Fortunately, the Trusst Builder Group is happy to inform our loyal client base that the aesthetic quality of aging or damaged items might be significantly enhanced through a process called refinishing.



This furniture refinishing process involves the repair or reapplication of wood finishes adorning a particular fitting. In many instances, the procedure can be completed using a refinishing liquid such as lacquer and varnish.


Benefits of Refinishing

Construction professionals and furniture industry experts maintain that refinishing often yields several critical benefits including:


Sometimes, slight alterations prevent individuals from having to invest in new furniture. Oftentimes, new items can cost many hundreds, potentially thousands of dollars.


Typically, refinishing is performed on older fitments. Classic furniture is usually built from better quality wood than a discernible percentage of modern items. The addition of lacquer or varnish to such products often accentuates these designs and can render said assets almost as good as new.

Aesthetic Quality

Refinished parcels often display a shiny and new appearance. Such attributes heighten the property’s aesthetic appeal, in addition to their estimated value.


Scientists and environmentalists suggest that refinishing existing furniture reduces the potentially detrimental impacts of carbon.


Mistakes To Avoid During The Refinishing Process

While refinishing often proves beneficial, reaping the preceding returns hinges on how well the action is performed. In consideration of such facts, individuals will wish to avoid:

Failing to Clean the Piece’s Surface

The fitment in question’s surface must be thoroughly cleaned before the process can commence. Cleansing said area with a wax removal product or a wood cleaning agent will eliminate dirt, dust, and other particles capable of lessening a varnish’s shine.

Not Stripping the Surface

Before even thinking of applying the new finish, the existing wood or paint must be removed first. Failing to execute this step could result in a final product appearing uneven and choppy.

Neglecting to Make Repairs

Damaged or deteriorated surfaces must be repaired at the process’s beginning stages. Allowing nicks and scratches to linger defeats the purpose of refinishing.

Not Sanding

Sanding proves crucial to achieving an optimal outcome. Sanding the surface in question down ensures the area in question will be even and smooth.


Reaching Out To Us

The Trusst Builder Group, dedicated, community-minded home builders in Brunswick County understand the visual appeal and monetary value of classic refinished furniture.

Furthermore, we affirm that such fitments would look even better in a custom-designed home designed and constructed by our company’s talented employees. We have served the Brunswick and New Hanover County regions since 1992 and look forward to helping future clients create the home of their dreams.