Choosing the Right Paint Color for Every Room

January 25, 2018 / By Trusst Builder Group

Choosing the Right Paint Color for Every Room

Most Brunswick county home builders know the feeling: you walk into the paint department and stare at the 200 different paint colors, each with their own example of how this color perfectly fits in the room on the picture. But will that dark blue, look as dashing on the kitchen wall as it does on that throw pillow?

If you’re looking for a cheat-sheet on what colors will bring harmony and appeal to your home, take a look at what Trusst Builder Group has to suggest.

#1: Bedroom – Pastel Blue

If you have ever stared into the blue sky or gazed at the ocean, you know the feeling of serenity that comes with taking in this moment. The calming effects of blue in a room can result in a better night’s sleep or a more relaxed morning as you awake near the Cape Fear River in your Brunswick county home.

#2: Office or Study – Green

The color green is known to bring feelings of tranquillity and creativity, and our brains naturally associate it with growth and money. With this knowledge, a nice pastel green seems to be the way to go for a Brunswick county home builders renovation.

#3: Kitchen – Gray

We all remember the mustard yellow kitchen of the 1960’s or the dark wood of the 1980’s, but with a costly renovation like a kitchen remodel, it’s best to stay neutral. A timeless choice like gray can be paired with nearly any style.

#4: Dining Room – Red

Whether it’s a warm meal with friends or a glass of wine with your loved one, the dining room table is where we expect to feel comfortable, sociable, and full of life. Red is just the trick to encourage the robust energy of a good meal and great company.

#5: Living Room – Orange

Studies have shown that orange makes a person feel energetic, rejuvenated, and happy. With the many types of orange hues available, why not try a orange ginger hue on a wall or two in your living room?

Not every Brunswick county home builder will help you down to the detail of the color on your wall. But Trusst Builder Group’s process is designed to help you.

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