Designer Home Trends You’re Seeing in 2018

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Designer Home Trends You’re Seeing in 2018

More people are turning to contractors who specialize in building custom homes. At Trusst Builder Group, we are experienced builders in Wilmington NC who work only to serve the needs of our clients. First, learn about the up-and-coming trends of 2018 that are appearing in more homes.


More homeowners are interested in building favorite themes for their rooms. People who like oceans may include profound shades of blue, and those who like exotic art may design Arabian-style rooms. Achieving this design idea is simple for anyone because millions of themes are available.

Color Variation

Color is not a new element to any design plan, however color variation is a new element that is becoming more popular in design. Rooms are no longer being designed with one color only. More colors are being combined in different patterns, and paints are being mixed to create brand-new colors.

Material Variety

In addition to colors, designers are using more materials in their creations. In the past, the typical house contained two or three standard materials like brick or drywall. Now that the technology for home building has advanced, manufacturers are finding it easier to combine materials and create new ones, such as glass concrete.

In recent years, the use of stainless steel has become a popular trend in kitchen design. One kitchen could have stainless steel appliances, granite counters and a glass back-splash. There is also a growing use of metallic finishes in mirrors, door knobs, sink handles, etc. Overall, details are what today’s consumers are interested in, and there are many materials to choose from for designers.

Build Your Home with Trusst Builders in Wilmington NC

Our experts at Trusst Builder Group have worked with the most traditional and innovative trends in home design. From steel cabinets to glass counter tops, there is some new trend that our builders in Wilmington NC are becoming more familiar with. Call Trusst Builder Group today to schedule a consultation about building your dream home.