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October 10, 2016 / By Trusst Builder Group

One of the most exciting things about moving into a new home is being able to decorate it for the holidays. And, the holiday season starts off with Halloween, the second-most popular holiday for home decorations.

If you’re moving into a new home this fall (or you have lived in your home for years) and you want to make it stand out this Halloween, here are six easy home Halloween decorations to give a try from Trusst’s builders in Wilmington NC.

Harvest Time Entryway

Not every Halloween decoration needs to be scary in order to be festive. Simply decorating your entryway with pumpkins, corn stalks, hay bales, seasonal mums, and gourds can give your home a taste of autumn that you can enjoy all season long. Decorate your home with these items early in the season and then carve the pumpkins for the Halloween holiday. This will save you from having to buy pumpkins for decoration and for carving!

Glowing Eyes

Start saving your cardboard paper towel and toilet paper rolls because these tubes can be transformed into easy and affordable Halloween decorations. Simply cut out pairs of spooky (or silly) eyes in the tubes and paint the tubes black. Then, on Halloween night, tape glow sticks inside of the tubes and set them around the yard.

Dancing Ghost Children

What is spookier than ghostly children playing in the yard? This simple DIY Halloween decoration is made using lawn stakes, Styrofoam balls, and white fabric. To make this eerie decorations, all you have to do is place the stakes into the ground spaced equidistant apart and in a circle. Next, slide the Styrofoam balls over the tops of the stakes to form the “heads.” Cover each ghost with the fabric and tie the fabric corners of one ghost with those on each side of it until all of the ghosts are tied together to form the circle.

Bloody Handprints

What’s scarier to see on Halloween than bloody handprints all over the windows? This effect is easy to accomplish using basic white non-toxic craft glue and red food coloring. Simply mix a few drops of the food coloring into a bowl of glue until it looks like blood. Then, apply a coat of the mix to your palm and touch your palm to the inside of your windows. Once the Halloween is over, the bloody hand prints peel off like window clings.

Monster Mouth Archway

If your home’s entry features an arch, then with a little craft ingenuity, you can turn your arch into a monster’s mouth. All you have to do is cut out large teeth out of cardboard, paint them, and attach them to the top inside of your arch. Add a few looming eyes above the arch and your home’s entry will be monstrous!

Huge Spider

Pick up some inexpensive cobwebs from your local dollar store and decorate your bushes with them. Now, all you need is a spider to go with your webs and here’s an easy way to build a monster spider! All you need is an empty gallon milk carton, some black duct tape, scissors, and some black pipe insulation. Rinse out and dry the milk carton before using. Then, cover the milk carton with the black duct tape to form the spider’s body. Cut out four equally-sized lengths of insulation and tape them at their center-point to the body, forming four long legs on each side. Remove a “V” shaped cutout where you want the legs to bend and use more black tape to maintain the shape. Finish the spider off with a few decorative touches and set it somewhere where it will scare your guests.

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