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February 5, 2022 / By Trusst Builder Group

Wintertime offers an excellent opportunity to revamp your home design. Since the outside is cold, dreary, and barren, elect to stay in and cozy up your space. While there are tried and true classics like fireplaces and faux fur blankets, there are also some trendier decor ideas. We’ve gathered a few popular design elements to inspire your architectural vision.

 #1: Earth Tones with A Pop

After all the leaves have fallen and the beautiful autumn hues succumb to the first snow, everything takes on a uniform gray. Combat the overcast skies by introducing some earth tones into your home. Earth tones- brown, beige, olive, black, and white- provide an excellent and buildable aesthetic basis. Turn your design up a notch by introducing pops of jewel tones. Pairing a deep sapphire blue with a warm brown enriches your space.

 #2: Natural Materials

Linen, wicker, rattan, and sisal. All of these beautiful natural materials bring a breezy, zen vibe to the room. If that feels too beach house, there’s also leather and hardwood. Natural materials ground the space and provide a peaceful atmosphere. They also tend to be more sustainably sourced since many are made without plastic. Trusst Builders Group aims to support the environment, check out more ways to greenify your home.

 #3: Curves Galore

Gone are the days of sharp corners, who needs that kind of hazard? Curves are making a comeback in the architectural realm. Rounded archways or half-moon window frames immediately elevate your space. They’re eye-catching, interesting, and very en vogue at the moment. Designers can take this element a step further by integrating some worldly elements; colorful tiles circling a curved entryway reads as very Moroccan. If you’re more into the classics though we’ve still got you covered.

As home builders in New Hanover County, Trusst Building Group is dedicated to making sure your new home reflects your artistic tastes. We stay on top of trends and incorporate them into homebuilding. Your space should be as engaging and unique as you are.

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