Creating a Stress-free Space in Your Home

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September 10, 2020 / By Trusst Builder Group

Stress can precipitate or exacerbate any number of health problems. Therefore, identifying methods to limit such anxiety often proves vital to an individual’s well-being and longevity.

Most people experience enough stress in their lives. Tension-inducing sources, like family concerns, professional pressures, financial struggles and health issues are often enough to precipitate noticeable mental and physical issues. Few persons wish to experience or even think about these difficulties when in the comfort and security of their homes.

The Trusst Builders Group, an award winning Wilmington Home Builders company, serves the residents of North Carolina and those considering a relocation to the state ask our followers to read this short blog highlighting how to create a stress free home environment.


Remove Clutter

Simply removing clutter often goes a long way toward reducing a homeowner’s stress levels. Piles of papers, countless boxes and collections of old materials can do the following:

  • Diminish a home’s interior aesthetic appeal
  • Increase one’s chances of losing important documents and items
  • Exacerbate the development of property damage
  • Significantly limit space availability

Additionally, clutter can prove dangerous. Overstuffed closets or materials strewn across the floor could be discernible physical hazards capable of inducing potentially serious injuries.

Therefore, one of the first steps one can execute to create a stress-free atmosphere is to remove all unnecessary materials.


Perform Simple Home Maintenance Chores

Performing simple tasks, such as, clearing one’s desk, making his/her bed, washing dirty dishes and clothes or dusting not only improves the home’s appearance but also gives the owner a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Such good feelings can outweigh any negative thoughts or emotions.


Invest in Plant Life

Improving the home’s interior and exterior aesthetic quality offers a more pleasing, inviting and tranquil look. One surefire of accomplishing this goal is to plant flowers and purchase houseplants that can be hung or merely placed on desk or tabletops.


Perform Makeovers Using Calming Colors

A discernible percentage of mental health experts maintain that calming colors, like green, light blue or muted tones, such as, shades of white possess an inane tendency to induce tranquility. Ergo, painting makeovers to walls and ceilings using these colors might prove effective in creating a peaceful home environment.


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