Retirement in Southport NC Can Mean Never Being Bored

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June 8, 2017 / By Trusst Builder Group

Most of us anticipate retiring from the daily grind, but resist the traditional image of rockers on the porch. In order to maintain our active lifestyle, we should begin our retirement preparation by focusing on the well-known maxim “location, location, location.”

Custom builders in Southport NC, have the perfect setting. In addition to such simple joys as tennis and golf, three attractions lure in our senses and quicken our pulse.

Stroll the Scenic Waterfront

Southport Pier is a touchstone for many interests. The pier is the spot to take a short jaunt, pause at one of the park benches to gaze at the picturesque vista, or stake out our own fishing spot. For a longer trek or to see more wildlife, we can stroll along the Riverwalk Trail which has been highlighted on the NC Birding Trail and watch for such feathered treasures as the Painted Bunting and Ibis.

Remember the Past

History comes alive and informs our understanding of the local culture at the North Carolina Marina Museum at Southport downtown. We navigate our way among the stories and images of shipwrecks, piracy, Civil War blockade runners, and other historical moments that defined the area. Our tour culminates in the unique opportunity to survey the lower Cape Fear Region through the lens of a periscope.

Relax and Refresh

Close to home, Silver Coastal Winery offers Daily tastings of coastal wine and craft beers to lift our spirits. Weekly wine club functions or a visit to the taproom keep us in touch with neighbors. In addition, our love of humor and appreciation of art are fostered by the Open Mic nights, ‘Painting with a Twist’ workshops, movie nights and other events sponsored throughout the year at the Winery.

 Plan Ahead to Savor Retirement – Contact Trusst Builder Group Custom Builders in Southport NC now!

The first step to preparing for retirement is location. Custom builders in Southport NC, nestle their unique homes in ideal surroundings. Trusst Builder Group has a legacy of individually designing value-priced, custom-quality homes in idyllic environments, and personally guide each homeowner through the entire process. Call today at 910-371-0304!

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