Enjoying Winter on the North Carolina Coast

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February 26, 2020 / By Trusst Builder Group

Enjoying Winter on the North Carolina Coast

Most think of only beaches during the summer when the sun is shining and the waves are lapping against the shore. However, those who live along the North Carolina coast in places like Wilmington understand that winter can be just as fun and relaxing.

Beach locals said they get to see a side of the coast tourists miss. There are five solid reasons why its easy to enjoy winter on the North Carolina coast.

  1. It’s quiet. The crowds are gone, so the area is primed for relaxing. There isn’t a lot of traffic and most towns are small enough that everyone knows you. You’ll find a lot more shells in the winter on Emerald Isle.
  2. The weather remains mild. While some parts of North Carolina can get cold, even see snow, the beaches maintain a mild temperature all year long. It’s the perfect time to walk Wilmington’s Riverwalk, a two-mile path along the Cape Fear River lined with trees and shops. The city’s charm is one reason why people moving to the area are keeping home builders in New Hanover County busy.
  3. Locals take the winter to bond with their communities, so there are several events planned for both kids and adults. One of those is the Carolina Chocolate Festival in Morehead City.
  4. There are still outside activities available. Fishing charters are available along the coast, even in the winter, and the Outer Banks has tons of outdoor activities available from the museum and kite flying at Kitty Hawk to watching the wild horses at Corolla.
  5. The food is fantastic. With winter, you can spend more time on the coast’s many restaurants. You can also visit one of the 20 craft breweries. The area’s growth also makes for a good property investment with top home builders in New Hanover County constructing top-of-the-line homes.

Why Not Move There? You Can Build a Custom Home

Trusst Builder Group in Wilmington, NC, started construction houses in 1992. They have been part of New Hanover and Brunswick Counties’ history in building neighborhoods and communities throughout the area.

The Trusst team works with homeowners from their initial dream to handing over the keys. To find out more about building your home along the North Carolina coast, call 910-371-0304 today and ask for a consultation. You are going to love your home on the Crystal Coast.