Five Reasons to Have a Firepit

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May 14, 2021 / By Trusst Builder Group

If you wanted to add just one thing to your home’s yard that would add enjoyment for you and your guests that you could use year-round, the best option for any landscape design style or budget is a firepit for your backyard.


Firepits have become much more popular in recent years, according to Trusst Home builders in Leland NC.

We could probably come up with more than five reasons that it makes sense to add a fire pit to your backyard, but we’ve chosen to list our five favorites.


  1. It’s a Crowd Pleaser!

Maybe it takes people back to their primal roots, but for whatever reason, people love to sit around a warm, cozy fire. It’s a great focal point for your outdoor gatherings, and it’s an easy excuse to invite people over for a cocktail and a chat.


  1. All-Weather Use

Firepits are great in the summer on a balmy night when you can wear shorts and toast marshmallows. Imagine how great that same firepit is when you and your family gather around it after a nice dinner in the winter, with steaming mugs of hot chocolate and great conversation. No matter the weather, a fire pit at your home always provides an excellent reason to spend time together outdoors in a relaxing environment.


  1. What’s for Dinner?

Add a grill, and suddenly your firepit has become a barbeque. For Fourth of July burgers and dogs or a nice grilled steak, your firepit transforms into a feature with an added use. You can have a wood-burning firepit (in some areas) or go for a gas flame for a little bit of extra safety if you have kids at home.


  1. A Perfect Fit for Your Yard

A firepit exists for every home and every budget. You can have the most rustic wood-burning firepit, built with a ring of river rocks on soil or a gravel bed. You can also have a high-end tile, steel, and glass firepit with a decorative blue gas flame coming out of a bed of sparkling crushed glass. Whatever design your yard style and décor demands, you can have it designed by Trusst Home builders in Leland NC. This flexibility makes firepits possibly the most versatile yard accessory available.


  1. Increases the Appeal and Value of Your Home

Most realtors will tell you that adding some landscaping to your yard increases your home’s curb appeal and value.


Trusst Builder Group, one of the leading home builders in Leland NC, builds homes with backyards that are perfect for firepits.


Most firepits, especially when well-designed and custom-tailored to your yard, will last for many years, adding value and appeal to your home and making it a hot seller whenever you decide to put it on the market.


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