Everything You Need to Know About Shiplap!

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September 26, 2019 / By Trusst Builder Group

With a variety of ways to highlight shiplap in your home, it is rapidly becoming the go-to material for designing just about any style you choose from farmhouse to chic and from the interior to exterior walls, flooring, and even furniture.

What is the Origin of Shiplap?

The shiplap material was used primarily for building ships all the way back to the age of the Vikings. The process that was used was referred to as Clinker construction. It protected the hull of the ship from water seepage. Shiplap was also used for the construction of interior walls as a kind of sheathing between the exterior of a home and the framing material. It typically was covered with some kind of muslin fabric in order to hide the joints in order to create a smooth-looking interior wall surface.

Shiplap Today

As a home builder in Wilmington, we have come across homes that have original shiplap hiding behind wallpaper. Those homeowners have an opportunity to incorporate it into their existing construction. For new homes, the shiplap look can be achieved with a bit of help from ideas from the internet and a construction professional whether it is an interior or exterior environment.

The Popularity of Shiplap

With farmhouse design becoming more and more popular, so has the shiplap design. The look of reclaimed wood which is integral to shiplap adds character to a new home that may not have the old-world decorative elements. Additionally, it works wonderfully to help with aesthetic issues in a room that may include low ceilings and narrow rooms.

Designing with Shiplap

There are many types of wood that work well in the construction of the shiplap design. This includes cedar and pine that can achieve the reclaimed wood look that shiplap brings to any home. For example, on walls, it adds another dimension of character, or as an accent wall on a kitchen island. It can even be used as a crown molding that accentuates a dining room or great room.

Installing Shiplap for a Home Builder in Wilmington

To achieve an authentic shiplap look, the wood must be prepared properly for installation. This includes “resting” the wood for an extended period of time for as much as 100 hours in drier climates in order for it to acclimate to the environment. Then the wood must be installed horizontally and overlapped to ensure that the “tongue and groove” interlocking design is achieved. This will also act as a seal against moisture and allows for the wood itself to expand and contract to avoid cracking and buckling as the temperature changes with the seasons.

For the best results when you are considering any type of shiplap construction, finding the best material and making the best design choices for your home can be made easier and more efficiently with the help of the professionals at Trusst Builder Group. If you’re interested in building a home in Wilmington NC, contact Trusst Builder Group today at 910-371-0304.