Top Summer Home Décor Trends of 2019

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May 23, 2019 / By Trusst Builder Group

Summer is the ideal time to start weekend projects for any home builder near Wilmington NC. Glance at our list of 2019’s hottest décor trends to get inspired.


Besides being a hot topic in the media, more sustainable practices and products are in the forefront of trends for interior design this year – beyond making the addition of a plant near your windows. The benefit of its growing popularity is the increased accessibility to sustainable products in stores and online. Examples of materials to look for would be: reclaimed wood (bonus points if it’s local!), jute and bamboo textiles, or even premium paints that are formulated without dangerous chemicals and toxins.

Hand-Made Goods

It isn’t surprising that with all the buzz about being more environmentally conscious, people are turning back to more personal, handcrafted décor pieces that aren’t mass-produced in efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. A subtle, organic style that will remain timeless over the years is a place to start, but a hue from the 2019 Top Color Trends should also be considered for a refreshing new appeal to your space.

Bold Kitchen Backsplashes

The minimalist style that has exploded across the market in the past few years has historically encouraged pale, faded, and monochromatic color schemes. While this style has had its moment, you may be one of many who are looking to update the muted look. One simple way to do this is adding a bold backsplash in your kitchen to make a large impact with minimal steps. This can be accomplished in an infinite number of ways from textured tiles to patterned papers and our design team would be happy to assist you.

Regardless of the project you embark on to fill your summer weekends, we at Trusst Builder Group are here to support your endeavors. Give us, your local home builder near Wilmington NC, a call and we can help you through the process if you feel overwhelmed. Our goal is to keep home improvement projects the way they should be for you: fun and exciting!