Building Your Retirement Home Before You Stop Working


Retirement often inspires individuals fortunate enough to reach this hard-earned life stage to render certain important decisions. One such choice is moving out of the home where they raised their children and spent their formidable years.

There are numerous reasons soon-to-be retirees should build their future residence while they are still working. We are also sharing some mistakes to avoid when going through the process.

Reasons to Build A Retirement Home While Still Working?

Retirement Budget Formulation

Building a retirement home prior to retiring will enable the home’s proprietors to establish a retirement budget. Monthly expenses like mortgage payments, utilities and insurance will be known ahead of time. Therefore, retirees will know how much income they will need to live comfortably once in their new residence.

A Greater Amount of Spending Money

Should retirees establish a working budget, they may be left with a certain amount of disposable income. Said finances could be directed toward other retirement goals, such as traveling and spoiling the grandchildren.

Mortgage Qualification Will Be Easier

Gainfully employed subjects stand a better chance of being approved for a mortgage than retired persons. While denying a mortgage to an individual solely because they are retired is illegal, lending institutions still could charge said individuals higher interest rates or place other stringent stipulations on any loan agreement.

Pitfalls To Avoid

Do Not Overlook Priorities

Soon-to-be retirees should ask themselves what they hope to get out of their retirement residence. Disclosing such provisions will make it easier to pinpoint their exact needs.

Do Not Be Suckered Into Fantasies

Everyone has had visions about a dream house. However, before investing in locations like oceanfront property or farmland, prospective retirees are encouraged to execute due diligence and make sure they understand all the underlying factors that go into residing in such locations. Home builders in Bruswick County offer numerous options within beautiful master planned communities that are filled with amenities.

Contacting Us

Individuals who are contemplating retirement within Southeastern North Carolina are encouraged to contact the Trusst Builder Group. Our team of home builders in Brunswick County can help subjects build a happy and comfortable retirement home.