Home Building Resolutions


8 Home Building New Year’s Resolutions

You are planning on building a new home, and the entire family is on board with the process. As the new year begins, sit down and make some resolutions to help you work toward this dream. These resolutions can include the following steps:

1. Review Your Finances

Before you even look for a builder or begin building, analyze the funds available and be sure that a new house is in your budget. You don’t want to go through the process and then discover the new home is more than you can afford. Go over the financing, insurance, and total taxes before taking the next step.

2. Plan with the Future in Mind

When planning a home, don’t just consider your current situation. Think long-term. For example, if you are a young couple, you need to consider that you may have several new additions to the family over the next few years. Plan for this by including extra bedrooms in your overall scheme. On the flip side, if you are close to becoming an empty-nester, consider what can be done with bedrooms after your older children move out – office space, a family room, or a guest room are all viable options.

3. Embrace Change

As you begin this huge project, know that there will be changes and adjustments to the master plan. For example, you or your spouse may see new and unique windows at a home show after you are well into your project. Your heart is set on these windows, as they will really add to the overall look of the exterior. Working together to blend these new factors into your original plans may slow things down, but in the end, you will have the look you want. Remain flexible and accommodating throughout the building of this home for an even higher quality home than originally planned for.

4. Organize Your Priorities

List your priorities for the new home in order of importance. If funds run low or expenses run too high, there may be cutbacks involved, and this will help you decide what you really don’t need. The last thing you want to do is to reduce the quality of your building materials to get absolutely everything you have on your wish list.

5. Have an Emergency Fund

Have a separate emergency fund set up in case of unexpected issues. The price of cement may go up dramatically, landscaping costs may be higher than originally expected, or bad weather may damage the construction in progress. It is always prudent to expect the unexpected and be well prepared for it.

6. Select a Quality Home Builder

The most important move you should make is selecting a homebuilder who can share your vision and work within your budget and timeframe. You and the Home Builders in Leland NC should develop a strong rapport and work together to get this dream realized.

7. Build with Accommodations in Mind

In the planning stages of your project, it is always wise to leave extra space available for future goals. For example, you may not want a small backyard if you plan on adding a pool in a few years. Your driveway may need to be widened if all of your youngsters are driving at the same time when they reach high school. Your wife may have arthritis now, and a ramp may be necessary if her condition worsens. Keeping these factors in mind will save a lot of time and energy when you decide to add to the home.

8. Finish the House This Year

Work with the Home Builders in Leland NC toward your ultimate goal – to finish the house this year. Visualize your new home festooned with holiday lights or framed by New Year’s Eve fireworks. Keep this picture in mind even when things don’t seem to be coming together. Together, your family and your home builder will make your vision a reality.

After these resolutions are written down, place them in a visible location where everyone in the family can review them from time to time. This will keep everyone on the same page, working toward the same goals. By the end of this year, you and your family will be the proud occupants and owners of a quality new home