Top Kitchen Trends in 2019

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March 11, 2019 / By Trusst Builder Group

The kitchen is known as a room that is commonly used in the home where residents entertain and cook meals throughout the day. It’s important to have a beautiful kitchen that you can show off to your guests and feel comfortable spending time in with your family. If you’re working with home builders in Leland NC, it’s important to learn the top kitchen trends in 2019 during the design process.

Concealed Storage Space

Although open shelving was a popular design in kitchens in recent years, more homeowners are looking to conceal their dishware to create a clean and streamlined setting. Many of the modern cabinets are built from the floor to the ceiling and look similar to a wall, which creates a minimal design in the room.

Wood Materials

Wood materials are making a comeback and are now a popular feature to find in kitchens in 2019. The wood adds a calming tone to the residential property and can allow residents to feel more connected to nature. More people are gravitating towards using wood on the cabinets and countertops in the kitchen as a way to incorporate a bit of warmth into the room instead of designing all-white kitchens that can look bland and unwelcoming.

Colored Cabinetry

More people want to incorporate a bit of personality into their kitchen for added visual appeal. Colored cabinetry is increasing in popularity because it allows homeowners to add their favorite color to the room and also draws more attention to the kitchen island or overhead cabinets. Consider choosing warm colors like gray-washed blues and greens, which are currently in high demand. The color shades will pair beautifully with brass or gold hardware and will allow the space to look modern when working with home builders in Leland NC.

Digital Technology

Digital technology is having a moment for the convenience that it offers in kitchens when cooking or with food storage. During the design process, you can select home appliances that make it easier to prepare a cappuccino in the morning or store your wine in a larger appliance.

Knowing the top kitchen trends in 2019 will allow you to design the perfect space when working with a home builder. You can create a space that feels like home and that you can feel proud to show off to your guests in the future. Contact Trusst Builder Group if you’re ready to build a new home in Wilmington, NC.