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September 23, 2021 / By Trusst Builder Group

Technology can make our lives easier. From the mundane (turning on the light when you get up in the morning) to the complex (sending pictures of your kids), we’ve come a long way. The technologies that have yet to debut into our homes are health-related. The bathroom is one place that might benefit from a little innovation, especially when it comes to devices that you might use to manage your health.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the innovations in bathroom technology. Some of them may seem a little far out there at first but think about what you did ten years ago compared to now. It’s best not to stop thinking about how the next ten years will differ from the past decade. Leland home builders are focused on ensuring that their developments have the latest technology.

Leland home builders pride themselves on not only providing buyers with a high-quality, new home but also having the latest technology that might make daily living easier. So what innovations in bathroom technology can help you manage your health?


Automatic Bathroom Scale

Leland home builders are all about giving people what they want. That was a reason for building homes in Leland instead of just anywhere. The residents in Leland are proud of their city and their homes. That pride is one of the reasons why they live there, but it also fuels them when it comes to making changes to their homes.

For instance, homeowners might be interested in an automatic bathroom scale, which is often used by dieters to monitor weight loss or gain. This device can measure weight, body mass index, and other health information. Some scales can connect to mobile devices to provide you with statistics about your daily eating habits.


Air Purifiers

An air purifier is a device used in the bathroom to remove airborne particles from the air. As they age, people lose their sense of smell; however, allergies and asthma are the biggest triggers for this condition. Older adults are especially susceptible to these types of issues. An air purifier can help relieve some of these issues, and the design doesn’t have to be old-fashioned. Some are designed in the shape of a bird or flower.


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Leland home builders are committed to making the lives of their customers easier. Hopefully, these innovations will help you manage your health better than you otherwise would. For more inquiries contact us at 910.371.0304, Trusst Builder Group .