How to make your bathroom look bigger

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How to make your bathroom look bigger

January 15, 2021 / By Trusst Builder Group

While bathrooms can work well if very small, creating a more spacious feel is actually quite simple. If moving walls isn’t an option for you at the moment, your choice of colors, fixtures and mirrors can greatly increase the feeling of space in your bathroom.



Go as light as possible. If you like bold colors, consider adding them in fabrics, such as towels, or in accents, such as storage containers or soap bottles. White walls, white tiles and white or sheer window treatments will make the room feel brighter and thus give more of a sense of space. Home builders in Wilmington NC recommend that if you really don’t care for white, look for something in the cool spectrum, such as a grey or blue.



Avoid having too much on the floor. If you’re plumbed for it, put in a wall mounted sink or a floating vanity. This will make cleaning easier and reduce clutter in the visual field. Install simple lighting fixtures that will produce enough light in relation to the reflection in the space. Often, the lighting in a small bathroom gets harsh if it’s too intense.



If at all possible, forego the installation of a small medicine cabinet mirror for a large, flat or lightly ornamented wall mirror. This will keep the space visually simple and allow you to add some decorative charm without overwhelming the space.



Like large, flat mirrors, flat storage features create a sense of openness. If you need a grab tool on your vanity drawers, consider a simple, easy to grip knob or a brushed finish flat bar. Avoid anything with too much reflection, color or visual variety. Add visual variety with your accessories.



If you need color, this is your time to shine! Treat yourself to bright towels, a pretty ceramic candle dish, or a purple tissue box. A clear glass bowl loaded with potpourri of your choice will make changing up your color a simple step. One of the big recommendations for making a bathroom look bigger is to use a clear glass shower. If you need a shower curtain for your space, avoid using too much color; shower curtains are a lot of real estate in a small bath.

You can enjoy a spacious bath with the help of the right Home builders in Wilmington NC. Contact them for a conversation and check out the website. Prepare to be inspired!