How to Make Your Upcoming Move Trouble-free


Home Builders in Wilmington NC are here to help give an idea of where to start with moving.

The move-in date is looming. But where to start? After having lived for years in the same house, raising a family, passing numerous milestones within those walls, maybe its time to downsize. Check out this article on how to find the perfect home.

So, the perfect new home is right there. Everything is lined up; the move-in date set. But how can a life be put into boxes?

Where to start

Determining where to start can be daunting. After all, memories are being packed away and beloved furniture kept or donated. A few months in advance, figure out the logistics. Start early.

Determine a budget

First things first, create a budget. Is a moving company the best option? Is just a moving truck needed for the move? Or, to help keep costs down, see if a family member can help. But keep in mind dates.


If the new house isn’t ready for a bit, reserving storage units and temporary lodging might be necessary. Regardless of if the family or a moving company is helping, scheduling a move-out and move-in date with them will be the next step. Will work get in the way of moving? If so, request the day off.


Phew! The logistics are done. Dates set. Now all that’s left is packing. Determining what to keep and what to give away can be nostalgic and time-consuming. But know, new memories will be made in that new home. Keep things organized whilst packing. And label which rooms which boxes go in. Trust us, that’ll help keep the stress headaches at bay. We recommend saving at least a month for packing.

Move-in day has arrived

It’s finally here! The circled date on the calendar is today! All that planning, packing, wrapping, all that hard work has come to this. All that’s left, is moving in and unpacking!


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