2019 Bathroom Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

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Nothing gives your home a fresh new look like an updated room. With the New Year here, you may be looking into doing a little updating to your home. The new trends for the 2019 season are off and running. So, if you need some ideas to create a fabulous space, this is the list for you. From bold colors, to classic colors, it is the perfect time to make a statement in a bathroom of any size. Here are some top trends for your bathroom this year.

1. Keep it Classy

Classic bathroom décor never goes out of style. An easy way to achieve this look is to keep your color choices neutral. Natural woods, grays, and shades of white are good ways to go. Then, periodically, you can freshen up the look and make it more modern by picking a color or material and using it throughout the room via your accessories. Keeping it monochromatic will maintain the classic element while still creating interest with a splash of color.



2. Black on Black

This next trend is spa-inspired. Using black elements in a black space summons an air of indulgence and sensuality. Bold shapes and statement pieces complete the look making you feel like you are stepping into luxury every time you enter the room.



3. A Vanity with a View

Placing vanities below a window has become a popular variation this season. It works for kitchen sinks, why not a bathroom? A window can give you a peaceful and pleasant way to begin and end your day. Natural lighting is beautiful and if you can add a pleasant view, it makes the experience that much better.




4. Industrial Elements

Gone are the days that your room needs to be prim and proper. Industrial elements are making a surge with their raw beauty. Concrete, brick, exposed plumbing, and other materials often found outside the house, can be combined with warm-colored wood flooring or splashes of complimentary colors to bring a unique contemporary look.

If it is time to build a new home, give Trusst Builder Group a call. They can help you every step of the way. With deep roots in the New Hanover and Brunswick counties, Trusst Builder Group has built their reputation on the trust and satisfaction of their customers. It’s a new year, enjoy the new trends.