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December 15, 2015 / By Trusst Builder Group

Everyone wants their home to stand out during the holiday season. But, getting it to look just right isn’t always as easy as you might think.

Luckily, Trusst Builder Group’s designers are always on the lookout for the latest trends in home decorating. Here, our Leland NC home builders share 13 stylish holiday decorating ideas that can transform any home into a festive, inviting, and outright fabulous showcase.

Celebrate a White Christmas

Depending on where you live, a white Christmas might not always be in the cards, but there’s no reason why you can’t turn your home into its very own rendition of a white Christmas. All you need is a white monochromatic Christmas tree decked out in white lights and ornaments of clear glass, silver, and white. The result is a Christmas tree that is elegant, ethereal, and sophisticated.

Bring the White Christmas to the Table

A wonderful way to accentuate your white Christmas tree is to bring a classic white approach to your dining room’s finery. Use a white lace table runner, white china plates, etched crystal glasses, and white fabric napkins. Add a few white tumblers filled with frosted pinecones and you’ll create a posh setting for dinner.

Color Your Holidays with Candy

If you want a truly captivating centerpiece idea, create an arrangement using colorful holiday candies. Fill a tall vase with layers of peppermint candies and marshmallows. Fill a few decorative glasses with multi-colored fruit-flavored candy canes. Add vibrant accents using ribbon candy. Just visit your local candy store and stock up on all of your favorite holiday candies and arrange them on your table; you can’t go wrong!

Accentuate Your Home’s Finer Points

If you want your holiday decorations to sing, then decorate around the room’s dominant focal point. For instance, if you have a fireplace with a beautiful mirror above the mantle, use that as a starting point and create a simplistic, but elegant scene that truly accentuates the beauty of the piece.

Add Festive Arrangements

Sometimes, the best holiday decorations are the simple ones. For a touch of class, just fill up a hurricane vase with colorful holiday ornaments and surround it with some beautiful greenery. Leftover trimmings from the Christmas tree work great here and they’ll add a touch of Christmas tree scent to the air.

Create a Custom Advent Calendar

Children love counting down the days to Christmas. So, why not make a custom Advent calendar in which the days are numbered on tiny bags filled with goodies? This interactive holiday decoration will be sure to be a family favorite.

Add a Pop of Color to Your Tree

The traditional colors of the holiday season might be red and green, but don’t let that stop you from trying something new this year. Instead of trimming your fresh-cut tree with your usual decorations, try a new approach by using retro-colored decorations in pink, lavender, and lime. You’ll find it makes for a unique look that will accent any room beautifully.

Deck the Mantle with Cranberries

The cranberry is a holiday staple and its deep red color makes it ideal for decorating. Just pick up a few clear apothecary jars at your local thrift store and fill them up with cranberries. Then, set them up on your mantle for a pop of color and class.

Decorate Your Entryway with a Holiday Scene

The entryway is the introduction to the home, so be sure you decorate it for the holidays. You can create a wonderful holiday scene or a nativity on your entry table and this will set the tone for all who enter your home during the holidays.

Think Outside of the Box

If you want a decorating idea that’s “out of the box,” why not try one that’s right out of the Scrabble box? Set up the Scrabble game board on a bare table and set the letters on the board and in the piece holders spelling out seasonal words like Santa, Peace, Winter, Love, Yuletide, and Mistletoe.

Make a Feather Wreath

A wreath made of lime green feathers offers a touch of softness to your holiday decorations. Make a few and hang them in the windows. Then add a pink dangling ornament in the center of each wreath for a vibrant punch of color.

Decorate the Overhead Lighting

If you have a hanging light fixture over the dining room table, try hanging a few large ornaments from it to give it a festive look. You can also use ribbons, bows, and other decorative items to embellish it as you see fit.

Fill Glass Jars with Leftover Ornaments

If you have leftover Christmas ball ornaments or beads, just grab a few inexpensive tall glass jars from your local craft store and fill them up. Set them on the windowsill for a beautiful and colorful decoration that is as elegant as it is inexpensive.

Trusst’s Leland NC Home Builder Hopes You Enjoy the Holidays in Your New Home

There’s nothing more exciting than decorating your brand new home for the holidays. And, with these easy decorating ideas, your new home will be a sight to behold.

If you are interested in learning more about Trusst’s new home building process or if you want to make an appointment with one of our Leland NC home builders, just call us today at 910-371-0307.  Trusst Builder Group wishes you and yours a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year.

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