Making Plans for your Garden in the Winter

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February 13, 2021 / By Trusst Builder Group

Gardening is not always a subject homeowners ponder during the dead of winter. That said, a custom home building company serving New Hanover County and surrounding regions wants to remind our customers that winter is the perfect time to review their past gardening efforts and plan for future undertakings.

Gardening Issues to Address During the Winter

As the winter progresses, gardening enthusiasts are urged to ask themselves the following questions:

Can The Aesthetics Be Improved?

Above all, a garden is meant to provide visual appeal. Therefore, homeowners are encouraged to find more appropriate locations to house items, such as tools like rakes, trowels, and hoes, bags of fertilizer, and irrigation supplies.
Granted, each of the aforementioned products is necessary to maintaining a garden’s aesthetic appeal. However, enabling said objects to linger often detracts from the foliage’s aesthetic quality.
Therefore, such materials should be stored out of sight in locations, like sheds, garages, or basements.

Is the Irrigation System Efficient?

Without proper irrigation, a garden’s plant life could not obtain the water needed to survive. Ergo, gardeners are implored to thoroughly examine how efficient their irrigation system is.
Some homeowners water by hand. Others possess intricate systems equipped with sprinklers operating on timers. Regardless of the method, issues bearing importance include efficiency, water conservation, and time requirements.

Did Certain Plants Grow Better Than Others?

If the garden was comprised of several lifeforms, such as flowers, vegetables, and shrubs, gardeners are encouraged to review which categories performed better.
For plant forms that thrived, the homeowner should repeat previous practices. However, efforts that failed to yield intended results should be carefully revisited and appropriately changed.

Did Any Bare Sports Exist?

Bare spots in gardens often turn into eyesores. If the property’s foliage had discernible bare spots, homeowners are urged to plant in these gaping holes.

How Can The Process Be Made Easier?

There is no getting around the fact that gardening is a demanding, sometimes rigorous activity. However, enthusiasts are strongly encouraged to recall the previous season’s struggles and strategize efficiency-improving methods.
For example, if vegetables were planted in a hard to reach location, perhaps said seedlings should be planted in a more accessible place during the coming spring.

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