Making Your Home a Smart Home

June 12, 2020 / By Trusst Builder Group

Everyone has a definition of what their dream home would look like. For some people, the ultimate construction would be a smart house. Trusst Builder Group, custom designing Wilmington NC home builders, invites our current and prospective clients to read this short piece providing an overview of smart homes and features often seen in such residences.

Smart Home Overview

Smart homes are technologically driven dwellings where control of many specific features contained inside can perform a variety of tasks that heighten the owner’s convenience or can be controlled through computer applications. Ergo, tech-savvy individuals can control numerous aspects of his/her home’s operation with mobile devices or even when not present.


Specific Smart Home Features

One beneficial aspect of smart technology is that said attribute does not have to be universal and homeowners can pick and choose the features most befitting their needs and comforts. Smart home features can be divided into several key categories, such as:



Examples of smart kitchen appliances include refrigerators capable of submitting photos of its insides while the owner is shopping, or built in mechanisms that provide alerts referencing if power outages occurred and when specific maintenance issues need to be addressed. Other smart kitchen apparatuses include dishwashers capable of being operated while the owner is away from home.



One such smart feature are smart sockets that enable a homeowner to control issues, such as switching fixtures on and off and adjusting brightness levels, from their phones or other mobile devices. Additionally, smart lightbulbs are believed to last for far longer durations than their non-smart cousins. They are equipped with sensors capable of adjusting to a person’s movement and the existing brightness and make light expenditure emissions accordingly.


Home Security

Certain homeowners might choose to install devices like smart smoke detectors fitted with wifi compatible technology capable of submitting low battery warnings to the owner’s mobile device. Certain such products are also able to measure carbon monoxide levels, air quality and even if an individual is smoking inside the structure. Additionally, some might choose to install smart cameras that can not only be monitored from a mobile device but also contain important additional features, such as motion sensors and facial recognition applications.


Contacting Us

Individuals interested in relocating to the Hanover or New Brunswick County region, we encourage you to consult with our experienced team of custom design Wilmington NC home builders. We encourage our customers to detail their specific desires, which will enable us to formulate a plan that most meets these wishes.