New Kitchen Faucet Trends

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March 15, 2021 / By Trusst Builder Group

Oftentimes, a dwelling’s residents take their kitchen’s sink faucet for granted. That said, this water-dispensing component is used and seen numerous times per day. Items born of outdated or unpleasing designs could project the notion that the home in question is older or less hip than its homeowners would wish.


New Kitchen Trends

Fortunately, The North Carolina-based Trusst Builder Group enthusiastically informs current and prospective customers that new trends have emerged in the realm of faucet design including:


Pull Down Sprayers

These easily movable dispensers are convenient for homeowners to employ. However, construction industry professionals opine that past designs were anything but visually-appealing. Fortunately, 2021 creations have taken on a more modern and enticing look and are equipped with better water control functions.


Copper Design

Those bored by the prototypical bland faucet colors might opt to install copper-based components. Copper is durable, lasting and, above all, quite fashionable.


Devices With Varying Spray Options

A faucet’s primary responsibility is water distribution. Ergo, many homeowners enjoy owning apparatuses enabling them to maintain the greatest control over how much of the precious resource they use at a given time.

Features with various spray control options afford said individuals this luxury. Over the upcoming year, faucet-creating companies will offer components fitted with aerated streams, different sprays speeds and intensities, and sweeping sprays capable of cleansing larger items like pots and pans with greater expediency and efficiency.


More Powerful Finishes

Frequently touched surfaces like faucets stand at an increased risk of collecting dirt, incurring aesthetically-unpleasing marks like fingerprints, and increasing one’s chances of becoming sickened by the microbes accumulating on said surfaces.

Fortunately, some of this year’s designs include dark finishes capable of resisting water stains and fingerprints.


Touchless Faucets

These products dispense water without the need for mechanical operation. Such items are beneficial in certain notable ways.

The most obvious attribute is convenience. Water-allocating apparatuses not requiring operation equal less work for those owning them.

That said, of even greater concern is germ spread prevention. Eliminating the need to touch the faucet reduces microbial assemblage on said surfaces. This is particularly crucial considering the Covid-19 pandemic continues raging.


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