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August 17, 2021 / By Trusst Builder Group

Trusst Builder Group, Wilmington NC home builder, offers spacious homes. Owners can enhance the appearance of living in these homes, located in great neighborhoods, through outdoor family projects.

Below are some outdoor family projects that suit NC homes and all age groups.

  1. Growing a herb box

An herb box is a great addition to a compound and accommodates a variety of herbs. Parsley, basil, sage, and oregano are some of the herbs that grow with ease. They thrive well with a consistent supply of water and full sun. A few all-season strawberries are a great addition at the edges as kids find a treat during all seasons.

  1. Planting a living wall

Families should opt for simpler models that only need felt planting pockets. It does not require professional assistance. A family living wall project with a premade kit is a simple project even for kids. They only require a little guidance from an adult to follow packaging instructions on mounting and planting. Attachment to the wall needs adult input.

  1. Handprint Stepping Stones

Handprint stepping stones make a garden look more personal, and the process to create them one of the exciting Outdoor Family Projects. You can make the stones with a mold and fast-setting concrete or with a kit from craft stores. Children have fun when imprint their hands or feet to create permanent handprints on the stepping stones. Another alternative is to arrange treasures like shells or marbles onto the concrete. Adults can help children sign their names and find a place to display the stepping stones when the concrete sets.

  1. Fairly garden creation

Adults can team up with kids to create a miniature garden in a soil foiled pot. Children are happy to choose plants like wire vine or succulents from a nursery. Ground covers like woolly thyme or baby’s tears are also a superb choice. Choose indoor plants if the pot will be indoors at times. Parents should encourage children to imagine and arrange scenes on the potting soil and tuck in plants. For example, they can add fine gravel to create streams, or pathways. Accents help to create miniature buildings or other structures.

  1. Sow seeds

Planting seeds trains kids to be gardeners, and they enjoy the magical moment when leaves pop up from the ground where they sowed. Big seeds like peas, beans, melons, or squash are simple for kids to handle. Wilmington NC home builders can advise on the best season to sow seed for plants you prefer.

  1. Develop a bug hotel

A bug hotel functions like a birdhouse but is developed from items that mimic natural habits like seed ports or bamboo. The items for the bughouse should have little crevices and holes but wide enough to attract insects like native bees that look for a place to rest at night. You can build from scratch as long as it includes a cover to maintain the dryness of the gathered material or buy DIY kits. The process of developing a bug hotel involves all ages. Everyone can collect materials like pine cones, bars or, twigs, dry seedpods. Older kids can help an adult to build the frames for the hotel. A bug hotel makes families appreciate the challenges and iomport6ance of insects in the ecosystems.

Many families know how to mix interior patterns like a pro, but the above outdoor family projects increase excitement and appeal to North Carolina homes.

Other family engaging family projects are:

  • Planting plants in recycled or repurposed containers like old urns, cups, wooden boxes, or teapots
  • Propagate succulents
  • Turn stock tank into a raised planter

Do not forget to include everyone when enjoying the fruits of labor. Invite all families to pick fruits or crops from the seeds you sowed in a garden, planter, or recycled containers.

Are you shopping for a new home with space to complete these outdoor family projects? If so, call Trusst Builder Group, the experienced Wilmington NC home builders since 1992, on (910)371 0304 today.