Outdoor Living Opens Up Your World

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May 18, 2020 / By Trusst Builder Group

Feeling A Little Stir Crazy?

Can you remember the last time you did anything outside of your home aside from buying groceries or walking the pooch? Even though we know it’s for the health and safety of our global community to stay inside right now, we also know that humans just aren’t meant to be indoors all the time. There’s something in our DNA that longs for fresh air and the beauty of nature- even if that just means enjoying the nature in our own backyard.

That’s why the perfect accent to any house in this area is an outdoor living space.


Enjoying The Great Outdoors…While Staying At Home

Anyone who has the space for outdoor living will tell you that it is the most used space in their house. Since we are blessed with a comfortable climate for the majority of the year in New Hanover and Brunswick counties, your outdoor living space could be an easy and elegant place to entertain guests, grill out, or just play board games with the family. Or when you don’t feel like company, it could serve as the perfect, private, outdoor retreat for crafting, bird-watching, or even planning your retirement.

No matter how you use it, this outdoor space is sure to be the centerpiece of your home. And even when it’s not in use, large French doors that connect the outdoors to your indoors will always provide you with breathtaking views.


Outdoor Living Made Functional And Stylish

A screened-in porch is a great starting point for building your outdoor retreat, because they eliminate the less-than-ideal features of spending time outside. Their sturdy screens let in the fresh air while keeping out the bugs, and the ceiling fan keeps it nice and comfortable even in the hot summer months.

Additionally a porch, deck, or patio all have the simple bone structure to allow for endless personalization with luxurious patio furniture and other striking outdoor features, such as a tabletop fire pit or a cascading fountain, all the while maximizing your views of a lush landscape proliferated with green River Birches and pink Oleanders.

If you’re relaxing already just thinking about it, it might be time for you to contact us to start work on designing your dream home…and your dream outdoor living space! Contact Wilmington home builders Trusst Builder Group today to get started.