Romantic Lighting Tips in Your Home for Valentine’s Day

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February 11, 2019 / By Trusst Builder Group

When it comes to setting a romantic mood for Valentine’s Day, nothing works better than the soft, warm glow provided by the right lighting. But, with so many different varieties of lighting available, picking the right type of light can be challenge. What it all comes down to is choosing a type of lighting that’s not too harsh, that fits the room, and that lends just the right amount of light without being too in the way. Here, Trusst’s builders in Leland, NC share some of our tried and true tips for setting a romantic mood for Valentine’s Day.

Replace Lamp Shades with Darker Ones

Light-colored lamp shades fill the room with bright light. In most cases, that’s what you want. But, when you want to set a more romantic mood, replace those light shades with darker-colored lamp shades. The dark shade will force the light down and up instead of out. This will help mute the brightness of the light bulb and help build a more romantic atmosphere in the room.

Replace Standard Light Bulbs with Three-Way Light Bulbs

Three-way light bulbs allow you to customize your room’s lighting without having to worry about making any costly changes. To create a more romantic feel, simply turn the switch until you hit the right amount of light.

Drape String Lights

Casually draping string lights, or Christmas lights, over a bed, a mirror, or headboard lends a magical touch to any bedroom’s atmosphere. Choose multi-colored strings for a whimsical feel or go with the standard white lights to create a more elegant atmosphere.

Go With the Standby: Candles

Few lighting sources offer the sheer romance of candles. The flickering light given off by these old school options can turn any room into a lover’s den. Just dial down the lights and flare up the candles and you’ve instantly transformed a standard room into someplace special. Best of all, any kind of candle will do, from a single pillar candle in a hurricane vase to an assortment of strategically-placed votive candles. You can even use battery-operated flameless candles, so you don’t have to worry about blowing them out should your romantic endeavors progress nicely.

Bring an Exotic Flair with Moroccan Lanterns

Moroccan lanterns lend an air of mystery and mysticism to any room. Placed in a corner, these beautiful and intricate lanterns produce a subtle glow while casting captivating shadows across the corner of the room and beyond. For a sexy setting, few lighting options can compete with these elegantly-inspired exotic fixtures.

Accent Your Walls Using LED Lights

LED lights, the push-on variety, offer an endless array of lighting choices. You can place these lights on the floor next to a wall and the light will be cast up to create a warm, illuminated backdrop. Or, you can place a row of lights along your headboard for a more romantic bedroom. You can also use them to light up areas of the home that would otherwise be lit up by standard lighting, such as your stairs, kitchen, dining room, and more.

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While lighting can make a major difference in how romantic your rooms feel, having a house that is built with romance in mind can help take your relationship to the next level even more effectively. Whether you want an extra-large master suite, a premium bathroom with luxurious spa bathtub, innovative lighting, or any other custom feature, Trusst Builder Group can make your romantic vision a reality.

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