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What Empty Nesters Want in a New Home

When our kids are grown and the house feels kind of big and empty, many of us decide to downsize. Building a smaller home lets us get a more modern home while also reducing upkeep expenses, property taxes, and energy consumption. It’s a win-win all around.

Most of the time, it’s not hard to decide to downsize. The financial and practical benefits can just about make the decision for us. Instead, the questions are more specific–things like, “What do we want in a new house?” and “How do I find quality second home builders near me?”

Thinking Differently

Empty nesters have some definite ideas about home design. The whole idea is that we make some changes from how things were built with the kids in mind, so we’re generally looking at fewer bedrooms and bathrooms. However, we probably want to reserve some square footage for a large living room or den for when the kids (and grandkids) come home to visit. When they show up, we want to be prepared to cook for them, too, so a large kitchen is likely to be included.

Building for Fewer

As for ourselves, we’re usually looking at simplifying and economizing, but also on some upgrades. Once the kids are grown, we probably want the house to be a single level so that future mobility issues aren’t a problem. We also want to design with an eye toward saving on utilities, not just with the appliances but also design features like windows, insulation, landscaping, and construction materials.

Retiring in Comfort

At the same time, we want luxury features, too. The undersized oven or outdated shower we’re leaving behind can and should be replaced with models that we’ve been wanting for many years. If we’re building a new home, we’re going to build it with the lessons we learned in the old house.

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