Spring Cleaning – Tips to Declutter Your Home

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April 22, 2021 / By Trusst Builder Group

Spring is a time for dreaming and doing. It’s also time for you to get rid of everything that stands between you and the life you want to live. Follow the tips below to declutter your way into your dream home.

Start with a Vision

Whether you’re a retiree moving into your dream home or an empty nester hoping to downsize a little, your decluttering journey must begin with the end in mind. Ask your builder for a floor plan or square footage statistics. This information can make it easier to part with some items.


Set Your Priorities

Map out use patterns for every room. Think of who will live with you and their preferences. Also, consider who you’d like to invite over and how you’ll entertain them. Check out a virtual home tour for a general overview of your rooms or to measure the space in advance. This is particularly important for bulky recreational equipment. Billiards, for example, are much easier to play when the table is in a sufficiently spacious area.


Nix What You Won’t Miss

Decluttering is easier if you build momentum. Completing a series of small 15 minute projects can give you the confidence and motivation to tackle your home’s areas requiring more extensive decluttering. Begin with food container lids, old magazines, and other items that have outlived their usefulness.


Make Decluttering an Everyday Habit

As you complete daily activities such as bathing, cooking, or dressing, incorporate decluttering into your routine. Throw away frayed linens, expired spices, or partnerless socks.


Tackle Marathon Projects as a Series of Sprints

Quickly amassing all the baskets, trash bags, and other decluttering equipment you’ll need is an excellent idea. Trying to clear out your entire basement, attic, and garage in one session is not. Consider large projects as a series of smaller daily or weekly tasks, and they’ll be completed with much less stress.


Get Expert Help

Real estate professionals know all about moving into and out of homes. If you’d like one-on-one guidance with decluttering or general home issues, give Trusst Builder Group a call. Our team of professionals excels in making houses into homes.