Buddy Avery

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Buddy Avery

Construction Manager

Buddy Avery is a native of Kennett Square, PA, the mushroom capital of the world, where half of the US mushroom crop is produced each year. Today he is construction manager with Trusst Builder Group in Southport, where new homes are popping up like . . . well, like mushrooms!

Buddy was born and raised in construction and learned his craft from his father, a custom home builder in Kennett Square. But prior to getting into construction full-time, he studied at Clemson University, where he earned a degree in Biological Sciences, with the intent of becoming an ecologist. Although he ultimately turned to construction instead, his interest in the natural world never diminished. He even incorporated it into his first business venture in which he built both custom cabinets and custom aquariums. From cabinetry and aquariums, Victoria Craftsman quickly grew into larger renovations and additions. He also spent three years as Facilities Director for a funeral home group, but ultimately returned to residential construction.

In May 2018, he and his family relocated to Burgaw, NC, just months before Hurricane Florence hit. Fortunately, Buddy purchased 16 acres on the highest elevation in the community and although the rising waters came within 1” of his floor joists, his home did not flood, and his quick action also saved his tools, truck and cabinet shop. For the next two years, he helped neighbors rebuild and was kept busy with restoration work. In October 2021, he joined Trusst Builder Group as Construction Manager.

Buddy is married to his wife Cindy and they have one son, Jacob. They enjoy raising ducks and geese on their family pond and Buddy even built the ducks a fully-automated, solar-powered duck house to keep them safe from the elements and predators. In addition to duck-keeping, Buddy enjoys mountain biking, fishing, hunting, leather tanning and wood-turning. He’s also a self-taught techie and loves building drones, boosting antennas and coding home automation solutions.

Buddy and his family share their home with Prince, a German Shephard; Lily, a chocolate Labrador; Snaky, a corn snake and Penelope the cat.