The Rewards of Coastal Living


Consider what living close to the ocean could add to your life. What kind of home suits that best?

It’s easy to get stuck in the habit of making do with the homes we have in the communities where we already live. Being flexible is a valuable trait, but why not see what life could be like when our homes adapt to what we want?

 Life Near The Waves

Our health is a concern for many of us. Some are in challenging health situations, and some are concerned about maintaining our current good health. As long as good air quality and safe routes are available, being outside is ideal for most of us. Vitamin D helps prevent osteoporosis; walking promotes blood and lymphatic circulation; and full-body exercise can improve sleep.

 Coastal living takes the benefits of general outdoor exercise and kicks it up a notch. On top of everything else, the sight and sound of the waves reduces stress. Particularly oxygen-rich air balances serotonin and provides even more significant sleep benefits.

It’s no surprise that it’s easier to get out and enjoy local attractions or just our backyards when time outdoors enriches us. Our local restaurants have fresh and plentiful seafood, and many welcome our pets at their outdoor tables. The water offers opportunities for high and low impact recreation. Bass fishing, sailing, and hunting for sea glass are great ways to get to know the area.

 A Home Base To Suit Every Goal

  Our lives change, and what we want from our homes does, too. Building a custom home with Trusst Builder Group, a Leland home builders, puts the needs and desires of our clients front and center. Whether we’re putting together a place for the entire extended family to gather at the holidays or a cozy bungalow for romantic getaways, our process helps make the change smooth.

 Get to know Leland, NC, a town located near the coast, and consider letting Trusst Builder Group be the Leland home builders you trust with the next stage of your life. Reach out to us at 910-371-0304.