Tips on How to Mix Patterns in Your Home

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August 17, 2021 / By Trusst Builder Group

All elements of design can showcase the uniqueness and personality of our homes, including mixing patterns. Many of us are apprehensive of patterns due to preconceived notions of tackiness or looking “too busy.” While understandable, these simple tips and tricks create a charming look you will truly love.


 Where Do We Begin?

Using patterns as thoughtful accents, such as lamps, vases, throw pillows, and curtains, produce intrigue and fluidity. This works especially well if most of your home and furniture have a neutral color palette, which many homeowners prefer for resale value and future redecorating endeavors. If feeling unsure, we recommend starting with throw pillows that can easily be moved to another room or returned. We may also start with a statement piece, like a beloved, quirky chair or an intricate rug. No matter the challenge, there is a decor solution!


 Color Scheme

Choose a predominant tone with two accent tones. (As home builders in Wilmington NC area, we love to take inspiration from our Southern coastal region with sand, ocean, and palmetto tones, but any complementing colors work well.) Another option is choosing white with an intense dark accent like black or navy. This classic look gives elegance with minimal effort. Try a contemporary twist by using scattered pops of color like turquoise or papaya.


 Different Pattern Types

We can incorporate both geometric and nature-inspired patterns with appropriate color scheme and proportionate background color matching. Excellent options to bridge the two pattern types are polka dots and monochromatic patterns to subtly use desired colors. Geometric patterns have structured linear designs, giving a streamlined yet interesting aesthetic. Mixing and matching line weights achieve variation and shape. Curved floral patterns pair nicely with other curves, especially ogee patterns used in Moroccan decor. Surprisingly, animal prints make great neutrals or accents, as well. A wood grain pattern is beautiful against a floral or sage geometric pattern (or both!).

Using these tips easily creates a gorgeous space to reflect your style, including outdoor living spaces like porches and patios. If you’re looking for home builders in Wilmington NC area to incorporate these unique yet sophisticated designs, contact Trusst Builder Group. We look forward to discussing your wants and needs to help you beautifully mix patterns in your home!