Tips to Perfectly Hang Your Curtains

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November 15, 2021 / By Trusst Builder Group

It’s not hard to find a curtain fabric or print that you like, but it’s a little harder to get the perfect fit. We’ve gathered some simple tips below for how to get your curtains hung neatly and beautifully in any room of your home.


Calculate Measurements

First, measure, measure, measure. Use a metal tape measure to get the length and width of your window. Depending on whether you’re covering just the window, adding some width on each side, or going wall to wall and ceiling to floor, you’ll want to calculate exactly how long the rod and curtain needs to be to get the look you want. Measure at least three times to avoid mistakes.


Fullness and Stacking

You’ll want to keep fullness and stacking in mind when figuring out how many curtain panels to purchase. You don’t want your curtains stretched to the max just barely covering your window. Instead, you’ll want some fullness so the curtains create a nice wave. To avoid a lot of fabric stacking at the side of the rod covering most of the window, you’ll want to consider adding rod length to each side so the drapes can stack to the side of the window rather than over it.


Ceiling to Floor

Do you have a small window you wish was bigger? Hanging your curtains long and tall can give the illusion of a bigger window. Placing the rod at the ceiling line or just under any molding is recommended. Letting the curtains hang a few inches off the floor will give the appearance of a large window and a spacious room.

Some Leland home owners going for a more romantic look may let the drapes touch the floor and pool a little on the ground. If you have pets that will frequent the space, you may want to rethink this approach. You wouldn’t want your furry friends chewing the curtains, or let the curtains act as a broom gathering fur, dust and debris.


Wall to Wall

For large or multiple windows, hanging a rod straight across with multiple curtain panels will provide the cleanest look and the most functionality. Hanging curtains wall to wall is another option if you have an awkwardly placed window you want to cover up. We recommend hanging a sheer white curtain if you want to achieve a clean backdrop while allowing natural light in.

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