Tips to Simplify Hanging Outdoor Lighting

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December 9, 2020 / By Trusst Builder Group

With the holiday season officially underway, few things enhance the ambience of such festivities more than decorations. Each year, homeowners look forward to displaying their Christmas spirit by adorning their homes and properties with hanging lights.

Trusst Builder Group, a Wilmington, North Carolina-based homebuilding company stresses the optimal completion of this process hinges on the execution of several key steps.

Simplifying the Outdoor Light Hanging Process

Gather Necessary Tools

Before beginning any project, one must gather the appropriate tools. Most hanging light undertakings will require extension cords, a drill, a pencil, painter’s tape, a ladder, a tape measure, and metal fasteners.

For endeavors involving lights strung over larger spaces, home or property owners will need wire cutters and a string light kit containing equipment such as snap hooks, turnbuckles, lock clamps, pad eyes, and screws.

When lights are to be strung out in exterior locations sans trees or other tall supporting structures, property owners might also need to invest in wooden or metal tubing posts, a hammer, nails, planting buckets, thick metal stakes, and cables.

Determine Where to Hang the Lights

Once materials have been assembled, the individual in question must then determine where the lights will be hung. Ideally, the location should be adjacent to a reliable power source or within comfortable reach of an extension cord.

Measure Exact Configurations

When a specific location is designated, the light hangers should use a tape measure to determine the exact configurations of the space in question.

Purchase Lights

With the exact measurements in tow, homeowners are then free to purchase the lights and cords necessary to fit along these configurations. To ensure optimal quality and product durability, industry professionals recommend spending a little bit more and purchasing commercial-grade patio lights.

The Hanging Process

Prior to beginning the hanging process, property owners should clearly designate places where the lights will need to be held down using supporting devices. Once these locations have been determined, the installation of mounting hardware can commence.

When supporting hardware has been mounted, the lights can be strung. When the stringing process is complete, the power source should be plugged into a nearby outlet or extension cord.

Properties without trees or discernible supporting spaces might still serve as suitable locations.

Those with fences might be able to accommodate strung lights by drilling in holes to hold wooden posts and securing said objects using nails or screws.

Homes or commercial locations with decks and patios can fit strung lights through the insertion of wooden or metal posts supported by concrete bases in buckets or containers. The planters are strategically placed throughout the exterior feature with lights strung between posts.

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