Top 9 Reasons to Choose a New Home over Resale

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May 21, 2014 / By Trusst Builder Group

With the real estate market finally regaining its footing, home buyers have more choices than ever. The market is still flooded with cheap foreclosed properties and Wilmington NC builders are suddenly finding themselves overwhelmed with work. So, this abundance of selection brings to mind the question: should those interested in buying a home choose a new home or a resale?

Despite the fact that there are great deals to be had by buying a foreclosed property, there are certain advantages to buying a freshly-built home that shouldn’t go unconsidered. Here, we share nine reasons why buying a new home makes better sense than choosing an older, previously lived-in home.

#1: Customization

When you buy a resale home, you pretty much have to fit your life into its design. Of course, you can renovate the home to make it more fitting for your family, but that costs a lot of money, time, and frustration. Buying a new home, on the other hand, allows you to customize your home so it is perfect for your family now and in the future. You have free reign to choose everything, from the placement of bathrooms down to the type of flooring you want in the kitchen.

 #2: Eco-Friendly Living

If you buy a resale property, odds are it is not going to be as energy efficient as you would like. Older homes have leaky windows and doors, less-effective insulation, and drafty rooms. By contrast, new homes have to adhere to stricter building codes and energy efficiency requirements, and this means they provide greater comfort and less expensive utility bills.

#3: Energy Star Appliances

Older homes = older appliances. When it comes to your appliances, they can really impact your electric bills. A new home comes with the latest generation of Energy Star appliances so you’ll enjoy appliances that work better and last longer.

#4: New Homes are Move-In Ready

When you buy a new home, your home is finished and ready for your family on the day of closing. You don’t have to repaint, repair, or replace anything. All you have to do is move in.

#5: Less Maintenance

Older homes are notorious for requiring ongoing repairs. Just when you fix one thing, another problem pops up. However, in a new home, everything is brand new, so your maintenance requirements will be significantly reduced.

#6: Safer Home Construction and Materials

Today’s new homes incorporate the latest technology in construction processes and building materials. This translates into a safer home for your family. From hard-wired smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to fire-retardant carpets, you’ll live with more peace of mind in a brand new home.

#7: Home Warranty

Older homes are usually sold “as-is.” If the HVAC goes a week after you move in, then it is your responsibility to pay for its replacement. On the other hand, everything that’s included in a new home is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, thus giving you additional peace of mind and financial security.

#8: Builder Concessions

Even in a budding real estate market, home buyers still hold the upper hand. Most of the time, they can get more concessions out of a professional builder than they can out of an individual seller. The reason is because sellers are emotionally tied to their homes and they automatically believe that it is more valuable than it really is.

#9: Financing Perks

Some home buyers may be eligible for certain financing perks when choosing a brand new home over a resale. For example, some builders may pay points or closing costs while most individual sellers simply don’t have the financial capability to offer such benefits.

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