10 Tips for Decorating Your Home for Halloween

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October 22, 2014 / By Trusst Builder Group

It’s almost Halloween, but there’s still some time to get your home decorated for all of the fun activities you have in mind. Best of all, these simple tips are quick, easy, and affordable.

If you’re looking for a few easy ways to spook up some decorations this year, give these ten tips a try, courtesy of Trusst’s Wilmington NC home builders.

Jack-o-Lanterns Galore

Sure, jack-o-lanterns are a given, but they not only look great outside the home with their spooky carved faces, but they can also be used indoors. Instead of carving the faces on the pumpkins, draw them on using permanent markers and cast a little eerie light on them using a low-watt green, red, or purple colored bulb. Not cutting into the gourds will help preserve the pumpkins so they don’t start rotting too quickly.

Halloween Wreaths

What better way to welcome the kiddies to your door than with a colorful and whimsical Halloween wreath gracing your entry? Just head outside into your backyard and pick up some thin sticks, then weave them together with some twine to make a wreath. Add some spooky touches here and there or some store bought cobwebs and you’re done!

Tombstone Walkway

Instead of paying out big bucks for those foam tombstones, why not make them yourself for a fraction of the cost? All you need is some inexpensive sheets of foam from your local craft store, a few thin dowels, a knife, and some paint. Carve your tombstones out and give them as much detail as you like and then paint them to look like the real thing. Then, stick a dowel in the bottom of the stone and drive it into the ground. Or, instead of using foam, you can try using cardboard from any large shipping boxes you have stored away.

Ghostly Canopy

This one is really easy. All you have to do is take some gauze and drape it across your walkway to create a ghostly look. The children will be terrified when they feel the light, airy gauze draping across their heads.

Haunted Trees

If you have a few trees in your front yard, then turn them into a group of haunted trees! Create a few different sets of eyes, noses, and mouths using polymer clay. Paint them so they fit in with the colors of the trees and then adhere them to the trees using removable putty or heavy duty double sided hanging tape.

Giant Spiders

If you have a few large black garbage bags, then you have the makings of one king-sized arachnid that will be sure to show up in nightmares all over town on Halloween night. Fill up one bag with leaves or some other lightweight stuffing to make the body. Fill another round bag, this one with a little less stuffing, to make the head. Create the legs by holding the bags on their sides and rolling them up with a little bit of stuffing inside to give the legs substance. Use black electrical tape to seal the legs and to make the joints. Use a glue gun to put the whole thing together and then glue some glowing red eyes and bright white fangs on the face of the creature to finish it off.

Ghost Light Walkway

A ghost light walkway isn’t just fun, but it actually makes your home a little safer on Halloween. Collect a few empty plastic milk cartons and rinse them out. Once dry, cut small circles out from the bottoms of the jugs and paint a variety of different ghost faces on them so that each one is unique. Set the jugs over artificial candles along your walkway. Turn on the candles and your walkway will glow with eerie ghost lights.

Floating Bats

If you have breezeway on the outside of your home, then fill it up with a bunch of flying and floating bats. All you need is some black felt paper, scissors, some string and some tape. Cut out a number of felt bats, tape the string to the back of the bat and hang them everywhere!

Creepy Wall Hangings

If you have a spooky picture that would look great on your wall this Halloween, never fear! All you need is a wooden embroidery hoop from your local craft store or an inexpensive frame. Cut out the picture, clean it up, and put in on display!

Halloween Tree Ornaments

Tree ornaments aren’t just for Christmas anymore! In fact, most craft stores start selling Christmas items before Halloween, so this is a great time to pick up a bunch of clear plastic Christmas tree ornaments. Instead of decorating them for Yuletide, deck them out with the colors and pictures of Halloween. Then, once they’re dry, hang them outside on your tree for a festive look.

Enjoy Your Halloween From Trusst’s Wilmington NC Home Builders

Trusst’s Wilmington NC home builders know how exciting it can be for a new homeowner to experience their first holidays in their new home. That’s why we wanted to share these easy and affordable craft ideas that the whole family will enjoy making. Give them a shot and you’ll make your home more festive and you’ll be creating a memorable holiday for your children or grandchildren.

If you haven’t yet found your dream home, then visit Trusst Builder Group today or schedule a consultation with one of our Wilmington NC home builders and let us help you determine which type of home best meets your family’s needs, wants, and budget. Just give us a call today at 910-371-0304 to see what we have to offer.

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