3 Useful Tips for Choosing the Perfect Windows

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September 18, 2015 / By Trusst Builder Group

Windows are an important aspect in home design because they offer a number of core attributes to the finished home, such as natural light, ventilation, and simple creative beauty. For these reasons, the type, size, and style of windows you choose for your home should be strongly considered. By taking the time to pick the perfect windows for your home’s unique needs, you’ll wind up with a more beautiful and comfortable home.

Here, Trusst’s Wilmington NC home builders shares three key considerations to keep in mind when choosing the perfect windows for your new home build or remodeling project.

Don’t Sacrifice Privacy for Light

Unless you live on acreage in Montana with nary a neighbor in sight, you’re going to want to keep privacy in mind when choosing your windows. Going with extra-large windows will allow your neighbors an easier glimpse into your home’s interior, and that’s probably not something you want.

Ideally, you should choose a window that offers your home the perfect balance of light and privacy. If you really want larger sized windows, just have them installed on the side of the home that’s not accessible to outside lines of sight, such as on the backside of your home. Another option if you want larger windows is to go with single- or double-hung windows as these types of windows allow you to hang curtains at the mid-point which will offer privacy at the bottom of the windows while leaving the top exposed to let in pure natural light.

Ventilate the Areas That Need It

Good ventilation is a must for any home, but not every window is capable of being opened and even among those that do, not all are properly equipped to help ventilate your home. A prime example of this is the awning-type window. This type of window opens up and outward and as a result of its design, this can actually impede the air flow coming in through that window. Then again, if you live in an area that sees plenty of rain, this type of window may actually make better sense as it allows you to keep your windows open on rainy days and this will let some air in while keeping the rain out.

For maximum air flow, casement windows can’t be beat. Unlike sash-style windows, which open up or down and thereby leave half the window blocked, casement windows open to the side, thus allowing the full size of the window to be open for air flow

The Window as a Room’s Focal Point

A room’s focal point is traditionally a statement piece, like a fireplace or large work of art. But, if you have a beautiful backyard, like one that backs to the beach or a stand of trees, you can use one or more windows to serve as the room’s focal point.

There’s nothing more beautiful than the great outdoors and when you have a particularly stunning view outside of your home, why not highlight it and use large windows to bring the scene inside so you can enjoy it all year long from the comfort of your couch?

Turn to Trusst’s Wilmington NC Home Builders for the Ultimate Home Design

A home’s windows, whether for a new home build, an addition, or a remodel, are among the projects most important design elements. This single consideration impacts not only your home’s comfort and light levels, but its privacy and beauty as well.

If you are having a new home designed or you’re planning a remodel or addition project, then Trusst Builder Group’s Wilmington NC home builders can help. Since 1992 we have been building homes and neighborhoods throughout the Wilmington area and we take great pride in our work and in the satisfaction of our clients. Give us a call today at 910-371-0307 to schedule a consultation with one of our home builders and find out what we can do for you.

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