Wilmington NC Home Builders Preparing Home Winter

4Ways to Prepare Your Home For Winter

While North Carolina doesn’t get as cold as the Northern states get, the temperatures still decrease, and the occasional snow happens. It is important to be prepared for any of this, along with being prepared to just keep your home warm during the winter.

1. Have your fireplace inspected

When the temperatures drop, you will want to find ways to stay warm. This is the perfect opportunity to use your fireplace. Before you can use it, however, it has to be inspected. You should hire a professional to come and sweep your chimney. The professional will also be able to inspect all parts of the chimney, even the outside of it. By having your fireplace professionally inspected, you can ensure your home will be warm without causing a house fire.

2. Check your home for leaks

It doesn’t matter how hard you work to keep your home warm if the temperatures outside are low and you have leaks in your home. If there are any leaks from beneath doors or around windows, the warm air is escaping and the colder air is coming in. Make note of anywhere that you notice this happening.

3. Buy and install weather stripping

After checking your home for leaks, take your notes to the hardware store and invest in weather stripping. Once you install it, you’ll notice a significant difference in the temperature of our home.

4. Schedule a furnace inspection

While you may be able to make it through the entire winter season without using the furnace, you should still have it inspected once a year. If the temperatures do fall unusually low and the fireplace isn’t doing the trick, you may have to turn on the furnace. You will want to ensure that it is working properly before being stuck in the cold with no heat.

Final Thoughts on Preparing Your Home For Winter

Winter in North Carolina is normally mild, but the temperatures to fall and become chilly at times. In order to keep your house warm, and in order to prepare for a cold spell just in case, you will want to prepare your home for winter.

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